Gel Nail Polish

A gel nail polish treatment consists of a nail and cuticle tidy followed by gentle nail preparation. Traditional nail polish is replaced with a UV/LED Gel product such as IBD, Cuccio, Gelish, etc. These products are applied in thin coats over a base coat which are all cured under a UV or LED lamp. A clear top coat is applied to the finished nails. Colours and French Polish are both available, as well as glitters. 

The gel polish lasts 2 or 3 week manicure.  However, results vary and will depend on how hard working your hands are.

The removal procedure is best done by your nail tech as gel polish will not come off with traditional nail polish remover.  The nails are wrapped in foils with pads soaked in the solution, until the product lifts away. An orange stick or scraper is sometimes used to help things along. The nails should be left in good condition, and conditioned using a cuticle oil. 


  • no chipping or dents

  • no smudging

  • no drying time

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