There’s nothing to be nervous about when you have your first reflexology session.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy.  It is a gentle, safe therapy that’s designed to relax and re-balance your whole body.  Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet contain mini maps of the whole body and by applying pressure using the fingers and thumbs it can have a positive effect on the corresponding parts of the body.   You don’t need to undress for a reflexology session; you only need to remove your shoes and socks so that I can work on your feet and ankles.  It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can relax.

As part of the first treatment, I will spend some time getting to know you to build up an picture of you and your lifestyle.  I will ask some questions about your health (please tell me about any medication you are taking) and your lifestyle.  I will also ask you about your reasons for trying reflexology.  For example is it to address a specific health concern, your overall health and well-being, or something else.

I will then explain the treatment to you.  What I’ll be doing, how reflexology works, what products I will be using and what will happen at the end of the treatment.  Then you settle on the bed and comfortable.  It is important that you feel comfortable during the treatment.  If you don’t like something, you’re not sat in a comfortable position or have any questions.

The treatment will start with me cleaning your feet.  I do this for two reasons.  First it helps you relax and secondly so that your body gets used to the feel of my hands on your feet. Then examine your feet for any obvious issues (such as cuts or bruises) that will mean I need to amend the treatment.

I work on one foot at a time, starting with your right and covering the left.  Using my thumb and fingers to work on the foot, toes, heels and ankles, going back over an area if I feel it needs more work.  You may feel a firm sensation or a little discomfort in areas being worked on.  If you are in any discomfort during the treatment please tell me.

The treatment will usually last between 45 minutes.  At the end of the treatment I give you a glass of water. I explain what I noted during the treatment and talk about after care.  After care includes things such as drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol.

A reflexology treatment usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.  The first session will last approximately 90 minutes to allow me to undertake the consultation to get to know you.  The reflexology treatment should leave you feeling relaxed and with a renewed feeling of energy.

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